Thursday, April 19, 2007

When should I get excited?

Bungie Studios, with cooperation from Certain Affinity have released two new maps for the Halo2 platform. This is an interesting move considering that next month the Halo3 Beta program will start (for selected individuals). I can only assume that this is a very valid attempt to resuscitate life into XBox-Live play and Halo2.

The maps are great, the gameplay is exciting and there have been many write-ups on the web doing a detailed analysis on both Tombstone and Desolation.

My problem is that out of the gate, I can't download them to my XBox 360. I get an interesting error screen and nothing happens, however, I WAS BILLED FOR THE DOWNLOAD. One would think you know whether a download occured, whether an error occured and bill accordingly. Now this is only $4 -- but it's my $4.

Fix the problem, do an update, how about DO SOME TESTING before you release?

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